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The Final Touches

Here we go!

Loaded on to the trailer and off to Shepparton to be Galvanised.

They will be dipped into a bath of seriously hot galvanising liquid which is heated to 450 degrees!

This will protect the steel and make the sculptures last for around 200 years.

I wonder what will be happening in the world then, and what will Mentone Grammar look like then?

When I get them back from the galvanisers I will take them to be powder coated and then they will be ready for the road trip to Melbourne!

Here is my prototype.

I made this guy a step ahead of the other four so that I could work out any issues that arose and iron them out on the prototype.

This has been powder coated in a dark bronze colour, this is what the Mentone Four will look like when they are finished.

I am looking forward to finishing off this project and getting them into the school!

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