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How will it work?

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

It is one thing to have the idea and to make the models, but now I need a plan on how to upscale these guys to make them 'Big Little Folk'.

What are the differences between the small model and the proposed larger version?

When I made the small one, I took a solid piece of steel and used an angle grinder to reduce the size, sort of like when Michaelangelo carved David!!

When I make the bigger version I will not be using solid steel as that would weigh too much and would be very difficult to work with.

I am planning to fabricate the larger version from steel plate which I will have laser cut to size.

Here is my test piece to see how to achieve a curved edge in the finished piece.

Here is my plan to join the 8mm plate to the pipe, weld along the join and then grind back with an angle grinder and create the rounded form.

Now it is time to finalise my measurements and order the steel plate from the laser cutter!

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