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Updated: May 21, 2018

We had the concept, now we needed to finalise the design and decide what the finished pieces would be. I had the idea to try and acknowledge the various areas of schooling and what might resonate with the students. I put forward the idea of academic, sport and the arts.

I got the ok to move ahead with the next step of creating a model of each piece from which to visualise the larger, finished pieces.

Here are the models I made!

I was really happy with the finished look of these Little Folk.

How would these look scaled up to full size?

Would their character and appeal translate when scaled up?

Surprisingly, the upscale is only x 6 : The models are 25cm tall and the finished pieces will be 150cm tall, so all measurements are to be multiplied x 6 to create the big version.

Here are some of my drawings.

I then created a full size version to see how it would look when scaled up and to take to Mentone to get an idea of what it would look like in position.

I used a

basketball wrapped in duct tape for the head, some old plastic pipe for the arms and a Colorbond body.

I was happy with the result and it gave me confidence that upscaling the Little Folk would work.

We then went for a drive to Mentone to see how it looked in the courtyard, and we were joined by Dylan to help give us some ideas and he was very helpful!

The plan is taking shape. It is now time to move ahead with the next phase!

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